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BLOM Money Market Fund

BLOM Money Market Fund is an open-ended fund that provides practical access to the Lebanese money market with daily liquidity
12 December 2018
Type NAV Since Inception (%) YTD (%) Month (%)
USD 1.305089 30.51 03.96 0.37
EUR 1.134379 13.44 02.36 0.22

The Fund

  • Two-class (USD & EUR) open-ended mutual fund managed by BLOM Asset Management Company s.a.l
  • Established under the laws of the Republic of Lebanon and regulated by the Capital Market Authority
  • Launch Date: USD 20.09.2010 - EUR 16.06.2014
  • Base Currency: U.S. Dollar
  • Asset Allocation:Money market instruments and securities, cash and time deposits
  • Net Asset Value: Daily
  • Subscription/Redemption: Daily 
  • Minimum investment: USD/EUR 5,000 (increments of USD/EUR 1,000)
  • The EUR hedged share class aims to provide investors with a return correlated to the base currency (USD) performance of the fund

Investment Guidelines

  • All investments must have a remaining time to maturity of 365 days or less
  • Invests mainly in USD-denominated money market securities and time deposit accounts of Lebanese issuers
  • The Fund may invest up to 15% in money market instruments denominated in currencies other than USD
Monthly Fact Sheet
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