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Macroeconomic Insights

BLOMINVEST Bank s.a.l. provides keen insight into the economic fundamentals of the region and several other countries, their macroeconomic developments and sectorial updates.

The MENA report

This quarterly e-report scrolls the fundamentals of each economy in 7 of the Levant and GCC countries, being Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Qatar and the UAE. The MENA report offers an insightful and equally faithful analysis of their latest macroeconomic developments, drawing both from the country’s own releases as well as international facts and news.

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Macroeconomic Report

This annual publication constitutes a thorough analysis of the year’s economic developments, documenting the evolvement of each aggregate and sector of Lebanon’s economy. The report builds on the latest statistical inferences as well as the local expertise in the political and economic history of Lebanon, making it a true wide-ranging reference for the economy’s path during the year.

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