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Based on Decision 5448 of 18 April 1994, Banque du Liban (Central Bank) listed Banque d’Affaires du Liban et d’Outre Mer (BALOM) under No 111. Dr. Fadi Osseiran was appointed General Manager of the Bank.
The BLOM Stock Index (BSI) was launched tracking the prices of all stocks traded on the Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE).

The “Lebanon Brief”, a weekly economic and financial publication was first published.
Mr. Saad Azhari was elected as Chairman - General Manager of BALOM bank.
BALOM was renamed BLOMINVEST BANK s.a.l
BLOMINVEST BANK won the first mandate for a Lebanese bank to lead manage a sovereign issue raising $1.375 billion in three tranches jointly with Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse.

Blominvest Bank developed the BLOM Bond Index that tracks the prices of Lebanese Sovereign Eurobonds.
BLOMINVEST Bank lead two sovereign issues along with Credit Suisse raising $500M and $750M respectively.

BLOMINVEST Bank managed trading in the booking rights of 206 million priority shares issued by Byblos Bank.
BLOMINVEST Bank became the first Lebanese bank to co-lead alongside BYBLOS BANK Euro Treasury Bills (TBs) denominated in LBP of a size amounting to LBP 400 billion ($265M).

In addition,BLOMINVEST Bank lead another sovereign issue raising $450M.

BLOMINVEST Bank arranged for an institutional client the acquisition of Kuwait’s 19% stake in Intra Investment company.

BLOMINVEST Bank developed the BLOM Preferred Shares Index which traces the prices of Lebanese banks preferred shares.
"The Capital Markets Newsletter", a weekly newsletter was first published. Since then it has become a daily morning publication.
BLOMINVEST Bank was mandated to lead manage alongside BYBLOS BANK and DEUTSHE BANK a $500Mn Lebanese Eurobond sovereign issue that was twice over subscribed.

The Economic Research Department launched a series of MENA Region Sectoral Reports.

BLOMINVEST’s Asset Management department launched two mixed-asset mutual funds, BLOM CEDARS Balanced Fund and BLOM PETRA Balanced Fund, targeting the Levant region.
BLOMINVEST Bank launched its investment banking operations in Saudi Arabia, under BLOMINVEST Bank KSA.

BLOMINVEST finalized the acquisition of 50% of BLOM Egypt Securities and 23% of Syria and Overseas for Financial Services.

The BLOM Bond Fund was launched by BLOMINVEST Bank in September.

The BLOM Bank Money Market and BLOM Bank Egypt Funds were released in the Egyptian market.

BLOMINVEST capitalised on its expertise by launching the BLOM MENA Banking Index (BMBI) that tracks the performance of all of the listed banks across 11 Arab countries in the GCC, Middle East and North Africa.
BLOMINVEST won the mandate to underwrite $1.2Bn of maturing sovereign debt along with BNP Paribas & Fransa Invest bank.

BLOMINVEST was Mandated to lead arrange the Tripoli Zeitoun 1589, a $33M real estate project in North Lebanon.

The BLOM Bank Pyramids Fund and the BLOM Money Market Fund were released alongside a reset class of BLOM Cedars Balanced Fund.
BLOMINVEST Bank lead managed a $1.2Bn Lebanese Eurobond sovereign issue alongside CITIBANK.

The BLOM Saudi Arabia Fund was released.
BLOMINVEST lead arranged Sovereign Eurobonds alongside Byblos Invest and Credit Suisse; in the amount of $1.525Bn.

BLOMINVEST successfully raised $32M of a Credit Linked Note, yielding 6.3% over 5 years, issued by Societe Generale and linked to the Lebanese Eurobonds.

The BLOM Maskan Arabia Real Estate Development Fund was launched in Saudi Arabia.

BLOMINVEST partnered with Quilvest to launch the BLOM-QUILVEST Real Estate Fund in the US.
Our Saudi subsidiary, BLOMINVEST Saudi Arabia, launched two funds in 2013: the SAR 250 million BLOM AMJAL Real Estate Fund and the SAR 600 million Abhor-Solidere International Real Estate Fund.

BLOMINVEST also successfully launched a new mutual fund, the BLOMINVEST Arab Market fund.

BLOMINVEST signed a partnership agreement with London-based Markit Economics Limited to introduce and jointly produce the PMI index for Lebanon.

This year also marked the start of the Discretionary Portfolio Management service (DPM).

BLOMINVEST expanded its partnership with Quilvest, allowing our private banking customers entry into the US Quilvest Private Equity Fund.


BLOMINVEST expanded its partnership in sponsoring and/or investing in technology startup MEVP-IMPACT and BERYTEC Venture Capital Funds in relation to BDL Circular 331 that promotes sustainable tech startup initiatives.

Building on the success of our Saudi and MENA funds, we launched in August of 2014 the Al Mazaya Saudi Arabia Fund which is an open-ended investment fund that will invest in securities selected from the S&P Saudi Arabia Domestic Shariah Index. The fund is open to Saudi and foreign investors and started with USD 20 million.

In August of 2014, BLOMINVEST Bank launched the BLOM Global Brands Certificate which comprises of large market capitalization equity portfolio, invested in 32 leading international companies, combining superior return and growth opportunities and linked to the growing consumption of global brands in emerging markets.

The Asset Management Business introduced in June of 2014 the BLOM EURO Money Market Fund based on the successes of the earlier LBP and US$ classes.



In line with BDL circular No. 331, which allows banks and financial institutions to contribute in the capitalization of start-up companies and business incubators in the knowledge economy, the bank launched the LEAP Venture Capital Fund that promotes similar companies to reach international competitive levels.

The Asset Management department launched in April 2015 the Saudi IPO fund that invests mainly in Shariah-Compliant Initial public offerings of Saudi companies that have been recently listed in the Saudi Stock Exchange. 

Having garnered sovereign placement expertise amounting to $6.565Bn over a span of ten years, BLOMINVEST bank added another success to its track record in Feb of this year to lead manage alongside Citi and SGBL a new Eurobond issue of $1Bn with an underwriting mandate. Given the unprecedented demand that reached $4.9Bn, the mandate was increased to $2.2.Bn.

BLOMINVEST bank along with Byblos Bank and Deutsche Bank Lead Managed $1Bn Eurobond issue in April 2016
BLOMINVEST Saudi Arabia (BSA), announced in June of this year the launch of the Blom MSCI Saudi Arabia Select Min Vol Fund; a public, open-ended, Shariah-compliant investment fund established in accordance with the Investment Fund Regulations and approved by the Capital Market Authority in Saudi Arabia.

BLOMINVEST BANK has continued its commitment to invest in the knowledge economy by increasing its share to $54M(in 9 funds) or 14% of the total expected size of the sector reaching $404M. Our pioneering role in the newly established “Startup Funds” has clearly put us at the forefront of the Lebanese financial scene.

BLOMINVEST BANK launches BRITE (BLOM Research Indicators and Trends in the Economy), an innovative and free economic data and research portal. BRITE is a result of collaboration between BLOMINVEST BANK, Economena Analytics and Moody’s Analytics; the website offers free world-class research and analysis tools along with several key support services customized for businesses that cover the Lebanese economy. 



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